пятница, 10 февраля 2017 г.



Real Name: Rasul Joakim Mitchell

Motto: "I fight for the bright and illustrious future. Join up!"

Origin: Visitor

Source: Science!

Fighting Fa [40]+
Agility Wc [30]
Strength G t[20]-
Endurance Gt [20]-
Reason As [50]++
Intuition Wc [30]
Psyche Gt [20]-


Telepathy Gt [20] (FlexiBility: Mind Probe, Limitations: Obvious, Exhausting; Kind of a weird beast, even for Epsilon himself, it's a super science)

Ability Boost Gt [20] (FlexiBility: Extra Ability: Strength, Agility, Reason; Limitation: Exclusive, Requires Time and Energy to Recharge)

Wizardry As [50]++ (Gadgetry; if it could be theoreticaly built in 40s-50s, given components and blueprints, Epsilon can build it in a minimal time)

Interface Gt [20] (He can interface any computer machines. The problem is that there are so few and most of them are stone age work, anyway)

Precognition Gt [20] (A form of advanced societal/historical hindsight knowledge and extrapolation, rather than a prediction; Global Scale Only)

Super Senses (Infravision, Radio Communication, Time Sense, Microscopic Vision, Intiution Feats: Vision) Gt [20/5 Ranks] (Touch/Space Limitation: Same as with burrowing - if you can and do touch it with your dust cloud - you can feel/see it)