четверг, 8 сентября 2016 г.

The Great Shiftquake, Celestial War and aftermath

Twenty years ago the skies brightened and hundreds of realms were cut off from their home worlds and stitched together by invisible hands of mysterious force.

Many call this place a New Land. Terra Nova, Chuzjbina, Navinam Ahai, Gebilkur and many other denominations were used by countless tribes and nations.

Strange neighbours were eyeing each other with fear, hunger, greed and hatred. Some mourned their losses, while others sharpened their blades and prepared other woundrous weapons.

Terror and discord would've ruled these lands if not for the threat from outside. The celestial fleet of voidwellers smashed into us, newlanders, with desperate fury and speed, conquering city after city. Realm after realm.

It is when alliance was forged among newlanders. Gathered by [Emperor], a ruler of a small peaceful nation of the Core, a council of realms and technomagic orders, strong enough to fight decided to unite their resources to push invaders back into the darkness they came from.

It was not easy, but in the end alliance held and we managed to take back the lands voidwellers captured... and force them into peace. There simply wasn't enough technomagic resources to fight outsiders in the sky. And besides, destroying an entire celestial fleet was considered to be unreasonable.

As for the voidwellers, it wasn't greed, that led them. At least, not at first. It was hunger. Rebels and exiles of their world had no resources of their own, so they decide to take it by force. But success and starvation for luxuries was what really blinded them. Made them both ruthless and reckless. And that almost cost them everything. At the cost of a huge debt, they were granted peace and trade treaties, after all.

Allied Realms stand together to this day, despite being vastly different in their cultures and morals, while the Core city is the heart of that alliance. It is the center of commerce and cultural exchange. Though, the further you go from the city, the more hostility you would witness. Many Realms, voidwellers included, want more and they want it too fast. Instead of learning from Core, they eye their neighbours with appraising looks.

Gladly, nations are not the only groups with interests. Merchant and humanitarian factions, knightly orders and Five Great Technomagic Paths are greatly interested in expanding their interests across the New Land. And, if my experience is any indication, that means, there still will be wars. Just different. Not all will happen to be as big and bloody.

Professor Leonine Crusoe, historian at High Forest Academy.