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Some weird Torment: Tides of Numenera Save Game titles [EN]

Sufficiently Lit Fathom
The Tentacle Play
Pinkie and the Brain
Lucky Ball and Cup of Nano Tea
Laugh Detector and his friend Razor Shard
Make a Wish, Qorro

Order of Kidnappers
Deadman Story
Grandfather's Clock
Time Lord, Baby!

Soul Diet for Three
We Need to Go Deeper
Big Kids Hill
Etis Erratis Animatis
Timey-Whimey Girl

Full Belly
Nega Aerie
Mystic Shack
Demand of Honesty
Cyber Mother
Stichy-Stichy Hole
Arena of Whispers

Time of Time Time
Grand Theft Ship
Tangled Truths
Billion Shins Bill
Trade Secret Parlor
Final Liberation

Backtracking Tracking Device
Bar Laser-Guided Karma
Neverending Party
Bard Pragmatist
Psychic Feast

Meister Butcher
Adventures of Dr. Monodrone
God Busters
Cannibal Thief

Faithless Dreams
Dietary Chase
Hungering Mind
Insatiable Heart
Palace of Thousand Sails
Dungeon Automation
Blink of Mlox

Endless Rally
Debt Well Payed
Warm Welcome
Curious Place
Cold Welcome
Gravely Welcome
Pet Heroes Cemetery

Rationalist Numbers
Parent of The Finite Gate
Hex-Based Connections
Dead Tales
Fraudulent Adventures
Windows One Billion

Grey Brick Road
The Wizard of Endless Gate
Haunting Smell
Thuths Thief
Last Cenotaph
Kick the Paj

Choice of the Dead
Cast in Gold
Nano Glaive Explorer Jack
The Bright One
Streams of Sorrow
Flux of Joy
Broken Branch

Maker's Dream
Fathers and Sons
Mothers and Daughters
Flesh Masonry Suite
More Wackos
Bloom The Great and Arterial

Ways of the Memovira
Bloom Science
Trouble in Little Nihliesh
Crossroads of Silence
Embrace of Steel
Hearts Unbound

Shards of the Ancients
Gilded Beauty
Connection Divider
Enter the Wound
Rotten Core
Arc of Burden

Salty Rags
Capture the Flag
Parley Feast
Truthful Tale

Tabletop Fish
Cell Block Doom
Essence of Coward
Disowned Memory
Crystal Prism

Glass Garden
Crystal Labs
Lord of Maws
Nebulae Dreams
Sphincter of Despair
Elder Guts

Last Respite
Quaking Depths
Bloomberg Beats
Bleeding Tract
Speck of Freedom

Nostalgia of Oceanus
Aquariums of Melusine
Double Lacuna with Fried Shrimps
In Calm of the Storm

Load Screen
The End of All Games
Another Saved Game
Empty Slot

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Real Name: Rasul Joakim Mitchell

Motto: "I fight for the bright and illustrious future. Join up!"

Origin: Visitor

Source: Science!

Fighting Fa [40]+
Agility Wc [30]
Strength G t[20]-
Endurance Gt [20]-
Reason As [50]++
Intuition Wc [30]
Psyche Gt [20]-


Telepathy Gt [20] (FlexiBility: Mind Probe, Limitations: Obvious, Exhausting; Kind of a weird beast, even for Epsilon himself, it's a super science)

Ability Boost Gt [20] (FlexiBility: Extra Ability: Strength, Agility, Reason; Limitation: Exclusive, Requires Time and Energy to Recharge)

Wizardry As [50]++ (Gadgetry; if it could be theoreticaly built in 40s-50s, given components and blueprints, Epsilon can build it in a minimal time)

Interface Gt [20] (He can interface any computer machines. The problem is that there are so few and most of them are stone age work, anyway)

Precognition Gt [20] (A form of advanced societal/historical hindsight knowledge and extrapolation, rather than a prediction; Global Scale Only)

Super Senses (Infravision, Radio Communication, Time Sense, Microscopic Vision, Intiution Feats: Vision) Gt [20/5 Ranks] (Touch/Space Limitation: Same as with burrowing - if you can and do touch it with your dust cloud - you can feel/see it)

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Fate & Facts List

So, I had this weird Fate Core build idea.
— 5 Aspects, 3 Stunts, 3 Refresh, and all not mentioned here, as normal.
— You have no Skills/Approaches. Instead you have "0, 1, 1, 2" to spread among Four Actions, yup you have bonus shifts on actions, not Skills (Initially, it's not my idea, forgot, who suggested it first, sorry). Just make sure, your games have non-combative conflicts, as well.

— After that you fill a list of 'fun facts':
Skills, occupations and perks you possess.
Supernatural powers and signature spells of your liking.
Hobbies, passions, pet projects.
Encounters and relationships with people you've met.
Ideals, creeds, and beliefs from your personal code of honour.
Hunches, clues and ideas you have on campaign's mysteries.
Piece of equipment, a battle technique, solializing approach.
Distinctive feature, a quirk, a vice, something, that makes red and all stuttering.
Well, anything, that's not as important, as Aspects. That's your a dashboard and mindmapping tool. It's a minor bits, that basically help you to "engage with a narrative", to describe things colourfully.
When Aspects is The Most Important facts about your character, it's a bit of details for you to keep in mind. Something above and beyond. These facts aren't supposed to be mechanical, but they can give you narrative permissions to do stuff. Sometimes GM can give you +1 on your roll if everyone's agreed, that "this one is really nailing it", but they should'nt be stacked or anything. Settle on "from ~8 to ~16", dunno, haven't tested it yet.
Those facts is what can become an aspect or a stunt. You can also swap or demote aspects and stunts into your facts at milstones. If your didn't get used in play, it doesn't matter. Picture, made by your four adopted children saved from demon cult, bravest cat in a world, Mr. Bigglesworth, plain ring, you stole from the wretched creature, that prolongs your life. You know about and it warms your heart on a long winter nights. Or it can help you to make a scene. GM might it even suggest you to make an Aspect out of one of these, if current doesn't work very well.

— Fate Points give you Success with Style automatically. When it is set, that aspect is applicable for invocation, opposing side doesn't counter it with their own FPs.
— Compel negotiations work as normal.
— Stunts, Boosts and Free Invokes give you +3 shifts worth of advantage.
— As always, Stunts should be presice as to when they are applicable: Because I "Narrative fact" I get "rules exclusion" when "Action" to "do something specific" "under these circumstances", etc.
— Three Stressboxes.

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The Great Shiftquake, Celestial War and aftermath

Twenty years ago the skies brightened and hundreds of realms were cut off from their home worlds and stitched together by invisible hands of mysterious force.

Many call this place a New Land. Terra Nova, Chuzjbina, Navinam Ahai, Gebilkur and many other denominations were used by countless tribes and nations.

Strange neighbours were eyeing each other with fear, hunger, greed and hatred. Some mourned their losses, while others sharpened their blades and prepared other woundrous weapons.

Terror and discord would've ruled these lands if not for the threat from outside. The celestial fleet of voidwellers smashed into us, newlanders, with desperate fury and speed, conquering city after city. Realm after realm.

It is when alliance was forged among newlanders. Gathered by [Emperor], a ruler of a small peaceful nation of the Core, a council of realms and technomagic orders, strong enough to fight decided to unite their resources to push invaders back into the darkness they came from.

It was not easy, but in the end alliance held and we managed to take back the lands voidwellers captured... and force them into peace. There simply wasn't enough technomagic resources to fight outsiders in the sky. And besides, destroying an entire celestial fleet was considered to be unreasonable.

As for the voidwellers, it wasn't greed, that led them. At least, not at first. It was hunger. Rebels and exiles of their world had no resources of their own, so they decide to take it by force. But success and starvation for luxuries was what really blinded them. Made them both ruthless and reckless. And that almost cost them everything. At the cost of a huge debt, they were granted peace and trade treaties, after all.

Allied Realms stand together to this day, despite being vastly different in their cultures and morals, while the Core city is the heart of that alliance. It is the center of commerce and cultural exchange. Though, the further you go from the city, the more hostility you would witness. Many Realms, voidwellers included, want more and they want it too fast. Instead of learning from Core, they eye their neighbours with appraising looks.

Gladly, nations are not the only groups with interests. Merchant and humanitarian factions, knightly orders and Five Great Technomagic Paths are greatly interested in expanding their interests across the New Land. And, if my experience is any indication, that means, there still will be wars. Just different. Not all will happen to be as big and bloody.

Professor Leonine Crusoe, historian at High Forest Academy.

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Excerpt from Dreams & Nighmares:

Archetypes generally chose victims to whom they already bear some similarity in form or function. If the victim is not similar to the Archetype (a sweet teddy bear Archetype attempting to absorb Carmilla the Giant Tarantula, for example), the activation of the Rede is considered 2 uses, and the Archetype suffers a +1 difficulty to all contested Willpower rolls (an archetype with only one cannot absorb an unrelated chimera).

This character was strongly inspired by World of Darkness, we all know and love – bleak, ruthless and unforgiving, with only a handful of weirdos, brave enough to fight evil, but no saint themselves.

Tobias Bear, simply known as “Tobby”, isn’t ordinary teddy bear. After event, at first was seen, as coincidence, Tobby got soul of the dying warrior spirit, and it changed his fate...

It was he, who descended into dark of sewers to find Lantern Ring, who fought the monsters and brought the treasure back home, greeted by a warm smile of Jenny – his beloved ward. He, who drove off Scary Black Dogs from kindergarten. He, who stopped Great Lego Horde in 96th.

He, who was found by old nunnehi greybeard mostly dead in a middle of Arizona desert after… He is can't recall what exactly, but something wrong happened to his ward. Tobby knows – Jenny is in danger and he must find her as quickly, as possible.

Even if it’s too late – he'll sure as hell avenge her. He would laugh back into a Devil's face and feed with lead anyone who dares to stop him. If it will be needed, he can seal evil and wickedness within himself. Forever.

Uh uh. I know what you're thinking. "Did he fire six shots or only five?" Well to tell you the truth in all this excitement I kinda lost track myself. But being this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world and would blow your head clean off, you've gotta ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk?

Name: Tobias Bear.
Nicknames: "The Warden", "Tobby"

Chimera: Dreamed
Court: Seelie
Legacy: Paladin

Age: 23 years

Physical: Strength 3, Dexterity 5, Stamina 3
Social: Charisma 3, Manipulation 3, Appearance 4
Mental: Perception 2, Intelligence 3, Wits 3

Intimidate 5, Alertness 4, Brawl 3, Dodge 3, Streetwise 2, Empathy 2, Athletics 1

Firearms 4, Stealth 3, Leadership 2, Survival 2

Investigation 3, Linguistics (Chinese, Ute) 2

Dexterity – Lightning reflexes
Appearance – First Impressions
Intimidate – Scary Clint Eastwood’s voice
Alertness – Danger Sense
Firearms – Quick Draw

Contacts: 3
(Enrike Velasquez, FBI informer, by telephone only – a bit spooked by Tobby)
(Henriette, Manikin, Gossip Girl)
(Lhyrus, Sluagh, sewer’s keeper)

Chimera: 3 (Non-living)

Glamour: 6
Will Power: 8
Banality: 3

Cantrips & Realms:
Hopscotch (Fae 3. Self*); 
Weaver’s Ward (Fae 3-4 or Nature 3; Scene 2. Chimera*); 
Rune (Prop 2. Gun*); 
Oaken Shield (Actor 1. Jenny*); 
Haunted Heart (Actor 1, Safety. Jenny*).

*Cantrip’s Target

Code of Honor;
Higher Purpose;
Iron Will;

Trust Issues;
Partial Amnesia;
Intolerance (Strangers, tryin’ to do some lovey-dovey things to him);
Phobia (Rapid streams)

Archetype (15pt.)
Wyrd (5pt.)
Enchantment (3pt.)

Map of Concordia, chimerical “Colt Anaconda” and fistful of bullets.

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Some weird PS:T Save Game titles [EN]

Fun in Corpseland
Dead Bar
Smokin Hot Bar
Ratkicker's Diary
Skull Street
Liver Avenue
Too Many of One
Buried Hand, Mine
Tomb of Journals
Bottomless Bottle
Snatched Brainbox
Chatters and Haggles
Wonderful Fire Fighter
Sensory Prizeon
I'll call you Norbert
Curst Breaker
Cursed Meme
The Only Courst
St. Cur
Sloth of the UnderCurst
Chain of Betrayal
Pile of Skulls
Prison of Doors
Thou Shall Not Mebbeth
Under Wards
Farewell, Multiwhatever
Show Must Go On