четверг, 6 октября 2016 г.

Fate & Facts List

So, I had this weird Fate Core build idea.
— 5 Aspects, 3 Stunts, 3 Refresh, and all not mentioned here, as normal.
— You have no Skills/Approaches. Instead you have "0, 1, 1, 2" to spread among Four Actions, yup you have bonus shifts on actions, not Skills (Initially, it's not my idea, forgot, who suggested it first, sorry). Just make sure, your games have non-combative conflicts, as well.

— After that you fill a list of 'fun facts':
Skills, occupations and perks you possess.
Supernatural powers and signature spells of your liking.
Hobbies, passions, pet projects.
Encounters and relationships with people you've met.
Ideals, creeds, and beliefs from your personal code of honour.
Hunches, clues and ideas you have on campaign's mysteries.
Piece of equipment, a battle technique, solializing approach.
Distinctive feature, a quirk, a vice, something, that makes red and all stuttering.
Well, anything, that's not as important, as Aspects. That's your a dashboard and mindmapping tool. It's a minor bits, that basically help you to "engage with a narrative", to describe things colourfully.
When Aspects is The Most Important facts about your character, it's a bit of details for you to keep in mind. Something above and beyond. These facts aren't supposed to be mechanical, but they can give you narrative permissions to do stuff. Sometimes GM can give you +1 on your roll if everyone's agreed, that "this one is really nailing it", but they should'nt be stacked or anything. Settle on "from ~8 to ~16", dunno, haven't tested it yet.
Those facts is what can become an aspect or a stunt. You can also swap or demote aspects and stunts into your facts at milstones. If your didn't get used in play, it doesn't matter. Picture, made by your four adopted children saved from demon cult, bravest cat in a world, Mr. Bigglesworth, plain ring, you stole from the wretched creature, that prolongs your life. You know about and it warms your heart on a long winter nights. Or it can help you to make a scene. GM might it even suggest you to make an Aspect out of one of these, if current doesn't work very well.

— Fate Points give you Success with Style automatically. When it is set, that aspect is applicable for invocation, opposing side doesn't counter it with their own FPs.
— Compel negotiations work as normal.
— Stunts, Boosts and Free Invokes give you +3 shifts worth of advantage.
— As always, Stunts should be presice as to when they are applicable: Because I "Narrative fact" I get "rules exclusion" when "Action" to "do something specific" "under these circumstances", etc.
— Three Stressboxes.