пятница, 10 февраля 2017 г.



Real Name: Qasim Mitchell

Motto: "I'm first of the many to come."

Origin: Visitor

Source: Science!

Fighting Fa [40]+
Agility Wc [30]
Strength G t[20]-
Endurance Gt [20]-
Reason As [50]++
Intuition Wc [30]
Psyche Gt [20]-


Telepathy Gt [20] (FlexiBility: Mind Probe, Limitations: Obvious, Exhausting; Kind of a weird beast, even for Epsilon himself, it's a super science)

Ability Boost Gt [20] (FlexiBility: Extra Ability: Strength, Agility, Reason; Limitation: Exclusive, Requires Time and Energy to Recharge)

Wizardry As [50]++ (Gadgetry; if it could be theoreticaly built in 40s-50s, given components and blueprints, Epsilon can build it in a minimal time)

Interface Gt [20] (He can interface any computer machines. The problem is that there are so few and most of them are stone age work, anyway)

Precognition Gt [20] (A form of advanced societal/historical hindsight knowledge and extrapolation, rather than a prediction; Global Scale Only)

Super Senses (Infravision, Radio Communication, Time Sense, Microscopic Vision, Intiution Feats: Vision) Gt [20/5 Ranks] (Touch/Space Limitation: Same as with burrowing - if you can and do do touch it with your dust cloud - you can feel/see it)

Epsilon returned back in time from the grim 2020 to stop/kill a certain person and save the future, who'se time travel changed both future and the past, so he has no one to kill. He decided to try himself at philantropy. To the mixed results.

At the day of his arrival, 25 year old man of african-american/middle eastern ancestry, who dresses like a typical early 90's punk-rocker, with guns, explosives and volitile tech isn't your typical mad scientist.

But for natives of 1945 he is quite mad. Between his super-human intelligence, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anarcho-communist views, ultra-tech augmentation, MacGyver (they don't even know who's that) engineering skills, cryptic pop-cultural references and vague, but solid grip on historical dynamics (with sole exception for superhumans existence) make him Weird enough Scientist for everyone, who had a "pleasure" of dealing with him. Alan Turing described him, as "part-man, part-cypher, part-machine."

Not exactly falling under definition of hero/villain dynamics, Epsilon is what you can call a "rogue". A criminal and a wild card, who nonetheless swears, all he does is a part of a "Plan" to make a better future, even at the cost of short-term chaos and cutting corners with "corrupt" governments. Many tried to catch him, but he always escapes. Some tried to help him and was left uncertain, whether they did the right thing.

The greatest problem of his, it that Epsilon has too many plans. theories and idea for anyone to actually comprehend him. You could say, that Epsilon is more of a "weird counter-culture visionary, playing a Dr. Frankenstein with humanity", rather than, strictly speaking, a scientist.

His powers are numerous, surprisingly non-ubiquitous, narrow and circumstantial, when they're work at all. Telepathy, Cybernetic Implants, Junk-made Gadgets, Computer Interface, Precognition and Super Senses. Yet he manages to utilize all of them with uncanny precision. Sadly, he's not a Steve Jobs material, most of his inventions are too cryptic and borderline garbage for anyone to see their true potential. (Or not?..)