воскресенье, 12 октября 2014 г.

Numenera Style Approaches [EN]

Here's idea: approaches consisting of two or more key words.

Characters have six Professions (nouns) and six Approaches (adjectives). Later on I added third list (verbs), and then I suddenly realized it was exactly like Numenera character creation works. But there's few differences.

1. Initial idea is very broad so you can adjust it in more than few ways.
2. Each column must consist of 6 variants, at least.
3. There should be perfect choice of words.
4. It's better to use third column for narrative facts, which you didn't intend to use as aspects so there no need to make closed list of options. It's almost like Aspected Approaches but facts instead. You might use them as justification for stunts.
5. It's possible to add some Extra like Scaled Invocations effect, while you doing exactly what your Approach holds.
6. Approaches or Professions is broad. Adding key words limits them, but as long as you know why it's fine.
7. If you choose more then 6 adjectives (e.g. 36 or countless) it'll make them purely cosmetic.
8. If you make 7 or 8 nouns, you can accentuate some profession which character unable to use entirely in his career.
9. There might be negative adjectives or infamous achievements if you like.
10. In my first build, Approaches adds some spice to Profession - something about your character's preferences and style. Third column Renown represents something cool or unique about your character, mostly, some deeds or traits related to profession and made character famous.


  • Sinister
  • Stalwart
  • Sharp
  • Ardent
  • Sagacious
  • Honorable
  • Spy
  • Onmyouji
  • Warrior
  • Healer
  • Poet
  • Noble
  • Exposes Hipocricy
  • Evokes Sorrow
  • Gives Solace
  • Frightens Demons
  • Fights Without Fear
  • Fools Gaze
  • Leaves no Trace
  • Excels in Virtue
  • Speaks for Ancestors
  • Serves Heavens
  • Keeps His Word
  • Judges Rightfully
  • etc.