воскресенье, 12 октября 2014 г.

Planescape + Transhuman Fantasy + Far Realm [EN]

We don't question just Magic or Religions. We question everything.
We intend to reveal the unseen. We dabble into matters nobody ever tried to study or dared to even think about.
From our point, Arcane Art is nothing but a tool, like curiosity or inspiration…
We have stepped on to the steep grounds, untouched by lore and wisdom. Now we're free beyond history and scorn.
Just for that alone we're unstoppable — because nobody knows what our goal is. And we are truly immortal, because we will never submit to ignorance.
We slide beyond Space. We slip beyond Time. We lurk beyond Planes.
We have no Kings, no Bounds, no Gods.
Law is lie. Chaos is haze. We won't avoid no aid nor feud.
We won't ever reject anything blindly.

Music: Elliot Goldenthal - Victorius Titus
Art: SamIce - Silent Monk