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Stone of Controversy [EN]

Another topic about Planescape Sect of Trascendence Seekers.
What we learned from Factions of Sigil

Somewhere in the middle of the Lady's Ward there's courtyard open from the streets which belongs to the the strange sect, members of call themselves «THE TRANSCENDENCE SEEKERS». From time to time you can witness here alfresco expositions from entire multiverse: bizzare looking orrery, burial inscriptions, ancient scrolls and much more. Sometimes yard seems deserted, sometimes — crowded like Civic Festhall, but it's constantly guarded by young-looking oriental hostess, who might instantly appear or vanish, when you expect it least.
Not much is known about sect's activity, recruiting or influence. Whatever their dark is, they paid enough to keep their music silent.
But there's something you can tell about their philosophy just by looking at their Entry Stone, that decorates a way in the yard. The stone looks like a narrow seven-foot tall triangular pyramid with curved edges. From the street you'll probably notice a quotes from great Sigil Factions, carved on it's surface and nothing more. But the second side, invisible from the front side will show you a list commentaries from perspective of the 'Transcendence Seekers' themselves. Third edge remains mostly blank, but you can find carving tools right next to the stone  more than clear invitation to add something wise or preaching, but quite a few bloods achieved that task in years: as a chant goes, Stone was made of slippery subtance, snatched from chaotic storms of Limbo and forged by one of the best masons on Mechanus. Only those of godlike strength and willpower can bend The Stone of Controversy, unless they have a candle to lit that dark. Those, who know, though can easily carve their piece of wisdom on the stone. They had to desire the knowledge they got, make a sacrifice something trully theirs to get it. Quite a pike for a bunch of arrogant factotums and preachers in Sigil.

 What we learned from Factions of Sigil
  • «Remember the Death.» Dustmen «But don't become it's thrall
  •  «Everyone makes his own fate.» Fated «Definitely, we are alone in vastless abyss of posibility. Alone. Together
  •  «Powers are not what they Seem.» Athar «As everyone else...»
  •  «One's only way to learn — through his Senses.» Society of Sensation «But what lies beyond them?»
  •  «Without proper Discipline there is no motion.» Harmonium «It is the Direction dictates, what is proper
  •  «No crime should be left unpunished.» Mercykillers «Retribution is a tool of justice. Justice is a tool of consensus.»
  •  «Everything will perish.» Doomguard «But why should it
  •  «Change requires Destruction.» Revolutionary League. «And there will be hell to pay. Be ready
  •  «The Multiverse is Pointless – just give up.» Bleak Cabal «And miss all the fun
  • «Everything is being tested. Primes. Planars. Powers.» Believers of the Source «Everything. No exceptions
  • «Reality is no more real, than Thought.» Sign of One «So, what is the thought, then
  • «Once a person is in perfect Tune with the multiverse, then he understand everything.» Transcendent Order «And you do not crave to know who pays the music?»
  • «Evwrything in the multiverse obeys the Law.» Fraternity of Order «Do you want to spend lifetime in servitude
  • «Don't fight Chaos – embrace it.» Xaositects «We embrace different definitions for chaos.»
  • «No one has The Answer to the multiverse.» Free League «Yet.»

Art: Craig Mullins. (Chinese backyard)